1. Who are the registered Cargo Handling Companies (CHCs) at PQA?

Reply: List


  1. Whom to contact to handle cargo (Import / Export)?


Reply: One of  the registered Cargo Handling Companies.


  1. How to pay  handling charges?


Reply: As negotiated per tonne cargo handling charges will be paid to CHC directly. Terms and conditions will be mentioned in agreement signed between Consignee / Shipper and CHC.


  1. Who is custodian of cargo?


Reply:  Cargo Handling Companies (CHC’s) are the custodian of cargo at the Port.


  1. Who is responsible of pilferage / damage to cargo?

Reply: All claims will be directly settled between Party and CHC.

  1. What is Export Shipping Order (ESO)?                                              Reply:  Export Shipping Order (ESO) is only document generated by Cargo Department for exports. Wharfageand Wighment charges are endorsed on ESO by Revenue Department of PQA and allocation of berth is done by Cargo Ops Department.
  2. What documents are generated by PQA in case of Import Cargo?     Reply: None. Only wharfage and weighment  challan is issued by Revenue  Department.
  3. When demurrage is incurred on imports?                                            Reply: After 5 working days after completion  of vessel.
  4. When demurrage is incurred on exports? Reply:   After 10 days of deposit of cargo.
  5. What is Landing Date? Reply:    LD is the date of completion of discharging of a vessel for all       commodities.
  6. How to register as shipping agent in PQA?

Reply: For registration as shipping agent at PQA, following needs to be submitted

  1. a) Request letter addressed to DC, PQA
  2. b) Memorandum and articles of association
  3. c) Customs Agent license
  4. d) NTN certificate
  5. e) Computerized NIC

PQA – Evaluation Reports & Contract Agreements

Sr. # Division Evaluation Report Contract Agreement
1 Technical Deepening & Widening of PQ Navigation Channel Contract Agreement for Channel Maintenance Dredging Works 2006-2007 B/w PQA and M/s. Dredging International
2 P & CW Rehabilitation & Refurbishment of IOCB
3 P & CW Final Evaluation report of PQA IT committee for IT Consultancy Firm
4 Technical Appointment of Marine Services Contract Agreement for Consultancy Services B/w PQA and M/s. Engineering Associates.
5 Operation Fabrication of Channel Buoys Contract Agreement for Fabrication of Channel Buoys
6 Administration Servicing /Washing Contract Contract Agreement for Service Station
7 Administration Hire Transport Contractor Contract Agreement for Hire Transport Contractor
8 Technical Purchase Of Rope For Marine & CCTV For IM  Through Store Dept.
9 Operation Hiring of Tug Contract Agreement for Hiring of Tug
10 Operation Manning Bahria Contract Agreement for Manning Bahria
11 Operation R&M Contract Agreement for Repair & Maintenace
12 P&CW Implement  Agreement for Establishment of Floating Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal
13 P&CW Implement  Agreement for Establishment of 2nd Container Terminal
14 P&CW Implement  Agreement for Setting up a Liquid Cargo Terminal
15 Technical Contract Agreement for Engineering Consultancy Services for Deepening & Widening PQA Navigation Channel
16 Technical Supply and Installation of Flood Lightening Towers
17 Technical  Supply, Installation, Commissioning And Testing Of 1000 KVA, 11KV (HT), 3 Phase Diesel Generating Set 
18 Technical Channel Maintenance Dredging Works 2006-2007
19 Administration Supply of Marine Paints for PQA Craft
20 Administration Supply of Computers,Printers etc for various Cost Centre
21 Technical Supply of Marine Paints and Purchase of Computer, Printers, Scanners etc.
22 Technical Supply of Toshiba Photocopier Machine. 
23 Technical Supply of Toshiba Photocopier Machine. 
24 Technical Evaluation Report Of Dredging Committee
25 Administration Supply of HP Laser Toner For Printers Of various Models And Computer Paper.
26 Technical Evaluation Report Of Dredging Committee 
27 Technical Award Of Maintenance Dredging Work 2008-2009. 
28 Technical Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Testing of Generator. 
29 Operation Public Contract Of and Above Rs. 50 Millions To NAB. Contract Agreement
30 P&D Evaluation Report of Tender for Repair and Maintenance of Sewerage Treatment Plant at edible oil molasses area
31 Technical Purchase of Electronic Equipment for Communications
32 Technical Purchase of Computer, Printer, Scanner etc for different department
33 Technical Procurement of Walky Talky Spares
33 Technical Purchase of GPS for Hydrograpy Department
34 Technical Purchase of Electric Water Cooler for PQA Offices
34 Technical Purchase of Air Raid Warning System
35 M&E Evaluation Report of Tender for Repair and Maintenance of Unloader Rail Track At IOCB, PQA. 
36 Technical Evaluation Report Of File Cover Thin Double Pasted 450/460 Grams & Voucher File (Tender Opened On 07-07-09) . 
37 (P&D) Appointment Of Consulting Firm For Project Of PQA Multi Storey Head Office Building. 
38 Technical  Evaluation Report Of 7.5 Tons Sinkers For Use In Navigational Channel.
39 Technical  Evaluation Of Navigational Aid Equipment.
40 Technical  Procurement of Llyods register of ship 2009-2010 in four (04) volumes plus on line services. Procurement of Llyods register of ship 2009-2010 in four (04) volumes plus on line services.
41 Technical  Evaluation Of Navigational Channel. Equipment.
42 Technical  Evaluation Of Passes For Commercial Vehicles..
43 Technical   Purchase of offset Paper A-4 size 75 grams
44 Technical   Installation Of Fixed Road Barriers & Construction Of Check Posts.
45 Technical   Recarpeting Of Shoulders And Repair Of Road Patches.
46 Technical   Running Maintenance Contract PQA Building 2009 To 2010.
47 Technical   Annual Repair & Maintenance of Toshiba Photocopier Machine.
48 Technical Purchase of  Toners for Stock 
49 Technical   Bid Evaluation Report For Supply, Installation Of Diesel Engine Driven Fire Pump At Service Jetty.
50 Technical   Bid Evaluation Report For Posting Of Contract Award Rs.50 Million..
51 Operations    Evaluation Report for Marine Consultancy Services.
52 Technical Technical Evaluation Report of PECNET


53 Technical   Evaluation Of Financial Proposals Channel Maintenance Dredging Work 2009-2010..