This is with reference to the advertisements for construction and supply of a 6000 Cubic Meter Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, which appeared in National Dailies of Pakistan on 06.06.2002 and reproduced below.
“The Port Qasim Authority (PQA) intends to pre-qualify 
shipyards / firms having experience in construction and supply of Trailing Hopper Suction Dredger
 for Port Qasim near Karachi (hereinafter called the project).

The salient features of the Trailing Hopper Suction Dredger are as under: General arrangements of Engine and Machinery may vary.

1. Hopper Capacity

2. Length overall             

3. Breadth                     

4. Depth                       

5. Speed loaded

6. Main propulsion 

7. Dredging Depth 

8. Aux generators 

9. Dredge Pumps 

10. Bow Thrust 

11. Jet Pump Power 

12. Diameter Suction pipes/ dia 

13. Accommodation 

14. Discharge 

6000 cum (Approximate)

110 meters (Approximate)

20 meters (Approximate)

8.5 meters (Approximate)

14 knots in tropical waters

2 x Diesel Engines

20 meters


2 x 2000 K.W. (Approximate)

2 x 600 K.W (Approximate)

2 x 700 K.W

2 / 1000 mm. (Approximate)

40 persons or less as required. 

Bottom Doors/Valves and discharge pipe.

Interested eligible parties may obtain further information and inspect the prequalification documents at the office of the Port Qasim Authority, Karachi, 75020, Pakistan, Fax No. 0201-730108.A complete set of pre-qualification documents may be purchased by any interested applicant on the submission of a written application to the above address and upon payment of a non-refundable fee Pak Rs. 10,000/-. Requests submitted by mail should include a certified cheque of the amount indicated above in favour of the Port Qasim Authority.

The Port Qasim Authority will promptly dispatch the documents by air courier service, but under no circumstances can it be held responsible for late delivery or loss of the documents so mailed to the applicants.”

PQA again invites local and international shipyards / firms having experience in construction and supply of Dredgers to pre-qualify for the subject project. The pre-qualification documents and information forms shall be submitted in eight (8) copies, duly completed to Port Qasim Authority Karachi 75020, Pakistan, where they must be received on or before 22nd February 2003 on payment of non-refundable fee of Rs.10,000/= 
(Ten thousand rupees only). The text of pre-qualification documents can be obtained from PQA web site or may be purchased from PQA on payment of Rs. 10,000/= (Ten thousand rupees only) non refundable fee.

Port Qasim Authority reserves the right not to act or process pre-qualification documents submitted after this date. Parties who have already applied may submit fresh documents without any fee or may intimate that documents already furnished are still valid.

Additional information will be furnished upon request. Please address all communications to:-

The Chairman,
Port Qasim Authority
Karachi – 75020, Pakistan
Fax No. 0201 – 730108 
Telephone No. 9204271 & 9204211 (20 Lines).

argo Handling at Port Qasim

Major Cargo

  • Iron Ore
  • Coal
  • Grain
  • Furnace Oil
  • Edible Oil
  • Rice
  • Chemicals
  • L.PG.
  • Containers
  • Jute
  • Fertilizer
  • General Cargo

Comparative Cargo Handling  

(000 Tonnes)

 Berth no. 1



  Edible Oil 1467 1421
 Chemicals 151 120
 Carbon Oil  17 18


1635 1559
  Berths (2-4)
  Wheat 836 92
  Coal 346
 Sugar 351 289
  Seeds/Pulses 971 995
  Rice 474 408
  Others 119 531


3097 2315

 Total Marginal Wharf  



 Furnace Oil 1760 3853
 Diesel Oil 3714 3844
 Crude Oil 631 699


6105 8396
 Chemicals 874 791
 LPG 25 24
                                 Total     898 815


 Paksteel imports of iron Ore +Coal

1944 2354

   GRAND TOTAL                           

13678 15468
  Imports + Exports  (Million TEUs)



 Grand Total (Imports) 18058 20388
 Grand Total (Exports) 3156 3960
  GRAND TOTAL(IMP+EXP) 21564 24348
 No. of Ships 1051 1155


PQA Notice To Mariners No .55/2008 (Applicable From 16th Oct.06  to 15th May.09)
Maximum permissible Draught/Dimensions for ships calling at port Muhammed Bin Qasim. 
During the period from 16th Oct. to 15th May 09  are as under:
Permissible Draught
Loa (M)
Beam (M)

MW Berth no.1




MW Berth no.2
 MW Berth no.3 
MW Berth no.4
QICT  Berth  5/6 11.0 305.0 41.0
                      Berth.   7












   General Notes
  • The above draught/dimensions are subject to availability of sufficient tide height at the time of passage, berthing of vessel and favorable wind and weather condition.
  • The above draught/dimensions are subject to change in case of any abnormal siltation etc.
  • Berthing of ships at risk cost of the owner / agent.
  • Ships are to commence loading/discharging immediately after berthing.
  • Ships on arrival at outer anchorage are to communicate correct draught / dimensions.
  • Ship in violations of above draught / dimensions shall not be accepted berthing under any circumstances.
  • PQA notice to mariners no.54/ 2008  stands cancelled.
  • Deeper draught vessels at IOCB, QICT and FOTCO will be handled by taking  benefit of  tide of at approach channel.
  • In case of any mis-declaration / concealment of draught / dimensions by the Master , Owner , Agent etc. will be construed as violation to the above notice to mariners and liable for imposition of penalty as per port rules.
  • The Draughts & dimensions for marginal wharf and other terminals will be revised, If necessary dredging is carried out during the period.
  • The increase in draught at dimensions at QICT berth No. 7 is on trial basis.

                                                                                                   (Capt. Gul Aleem Khan)

                                                                                                            Dy. Conservator


  1. Tenders are invited from the Firms, Companies and Contractors etc. having sufficient experience of execution of dredging works to undertake maintenance dredging works alongside Marginal Wharf & Turning Basin, IOCB, Service Jetty / Refit Jetty and in other Port Complex Areas. The estimated quantity of 530,000 cum + 20% is required to be dredged along side Marginal Wharf including Turning Basin Area, IOCB, Service Jetty/Refit Jetty and in other Port Complex Areas, for removal of soil and other substances / debris. The dredging quantity and soil condition would require deployment of Cutter / Back Hoe / Grab Dredger.


  1. The intending bidders are required to submit the following information within 30 days of publication of this notice in press to the Director General (Technical), Port Qasim Authority, Bin Qasim, Karachi-75020 (Tel. 92-21-9204272 – Fax No. 021-4730108). Applications received after due date will not be entertained.


  1. Full name and address of the Firm, Company or Contractor with Telephone, Telex and Fax numbers.


  1. Year of inception and nature of the entity i.e. whether proprietorship/partnership/Private or Public Limited Company. Details of Partners/Directors of the Firm / Company including copies of partnership Agreement, memorandum and Articles of Association etc should be submitted.


  1. Details of partnership forming joint venture, if any, and deed of partnership etc indicating that partners to the Joint Venture are jointly and severally responsible for the contract, duly registered, notarised, and authenticated by Embassy of Pakistan.


  1. Details of past experience of Dredging Works, including location, cost, name of client execution and completion time.



  1. Details of Dredging work in hand, indicating the cost of each work and expected date of completion.


  1. Proof of financial stability and Bank reference, along with balance

sheet for the last three years and Income Tax Payment Certificates.


  1. Details of technical personnel and their qualification and experience.


  1. Details and evidence of Dredgers, Survey boats and other Plant, Equipment/machinery owned by the Firm/Company. Details of equipments available on hire/lease basis and period of availability should also be indicated duly authenticated by the Firm/Company from whom the above crafts/plants are to be hired.


  1. List of cases of Arbitration, if any, entered into by the firm and nature thereof.


  1. Incomplete application shall be liable to rejection.


  1. The firms who have been prequalified shall only be entitled to participate further.
  2. Port Qasim Authority reserves the right to reject any or all applications without assigning any reason thereof and no claim whatsoever will be entertained in this regard. Authority’s decision in this respect shall be final and binding on all Firms, Contractors and Companies.


  1. This advertisement can also be viewed on PQA Website.




The present PQA Board, headed by the Chairman PQA, consists of the following members:

  1. Chairman , Port Qasim Authority , Karachi .
  2. Director General ,  Ministry of Ports & Shipping,  Ports & Wing, Karachi.
  3. Mr. Siraz Kassak Teli, President KCCI..
  4. President , United Bank Limited.
  5. Mr. Munawar Hameed, Business Professional.
  6. Syed Saleem Ahmed Zaidi, Industrialist
  7. Mr. Mohammad A Rajpar, MD, General Shipping Agencies (Pvt.) Ltd..
  8. Mr. Afsar Din Talpur, Secretary PQA Board.
  1. Who are the registered Cargo Handling Companies (CHCs) at PQA?

Reply: List


  1. Whom to contact to handle cargo (Import / Export)?


Reply: One of  the registered Cargo Handling Companies.


  1. How to pay  handling charges?


Reply: As negotiated per tonne cargo handling charges will be paid to CHC directly. Terms and conditions will be mentioned in agreement signed between Consignee / Shipper and CHC.


  1. Who is custodian of cargo?


Reply:  Cargo Handling Companies (CHC’s) are the custodian of cargo at the Port.


  1. Who is responsible of pilferage / damage to cargo?

Reply: All claims will be directly settled between Party and CHC.

  1. What is Export Shipping Order (ESO)?                                              Reply:  Export Shipping Order (ESO) is only document generated by Cargo Department for exports. Wharfageand Wighment charges are endorsed on ESO by Revenue Department of PQA and allocation of berth is done by Cargo Ops Department.
  2. What documents are generated by PQA in case of Import Cargo?     Reply: None. Only wharfage and weighment  challan is issued by Revenue  Department.
  3. When demurrage is incurred on imports?                                            Reply: After 5 working days after completion  of vessel.
  4. When demurrage is incurred on exports? Reply:   After 10 days of deposit of cargo.
  5. What is Landing Date? Reply:    LD is the date of completion of discharging of a vessel for all       commodities.
  6. How to register as shipping agent in PQA?

Reply: For registration as shipping agent at PQA, following needs to be submitted

  1. a) Request letter addressed to DC, PQA
  2. b) Memorandum and articles of association
  3. c) Customs Agent license
  4. d) NTN certificate
  5. e) Computerized NIC

PQA – Evaluation Reports & Contract Agreements

Sr. # Division Evaluation Report Contract Agreement
1 Technical Deepening & Widening of PQ Navigation Channel Contract Agreement for Channel Maintenance Dredging Works 2006-2007 B/w PQA and M/s. Dredging International
2 P & CW Rehabilitation & Refurbishment of IOCB
3 P & CW Final Evaluation report of PQA IT committee for IT Consultancy Firm
4 Technical Appointment of Marine Services Contract Agreement for Consultancy Services B/w PQA and M/s. Engineering Associates.
5 Operation Fabrication of Channel Buoys Contract Agreement for Fabrication of Channel Buoys
6 Administration Servicing /Washing Contract Contract Agreement for Service Station
7 Administration Hire Transport Contractor Contract Agreement for Hire Transport Contractor
8 Technical Purchase Of Rope For Marine & CCTV For IM  Through Store Dept.
9 Operation Hiring of Tug Contract Agreement for Hiring of Tug
10 Operation Manning Bahria Contract Agreement for Manning Bahria
11 Operation R&M Contract Agreement for Repair & Maintenace
12 P&CW Implement  Agreement for Establishment of Floating Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal
13 P&CW Implement  Agreement for Establishment of 2nd Container Terminal
14 P&CW Implement  Agreement for Setting up a Liquid Cargo Terminal
15 Technical Contract Agreement for Engineering Consultancy Services for Deepening & Widening PQA Navigation Channel
16 Technical Supply and Installation of Flood Lightening Towers
17 Technical  Supply, Installation, Commissioning And Testing Of 1000 KVA, 11KV (HT), 3 Phase Diesel Generating Set 
18 Technical Channel Maintenance Dredging Works 2006-2007
19 Administration Supply of Marine Paints for PQA Craft
20 Administration Supply of Computers,Printers etc for various Cost Centre
21 Technical Supply of Marine Paints and Purchase of Computer, Printers, Scanners etc.
22 Technical Supply of Toshiba Photocopier Machine. 
23 Technical Supply of Toshiba Photocopier Machine. 
24 Technical Evaluation Report Of Dredging Committee
25 Administration Supply of HP Laser Toner For Printers Of various Models And Computer Paper.
26 Technical Evaluation Report Of Dredging Committee 
27 Technical Award Of Maintenance Dredging Work 2008-2009. 
28 Technical Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Testing of Generator. 
29 Operation Public Contract Of and Above Rs. 50 Millions To NAB. Contract Agreement
30 P&D Evaluation Report of Tender for Repair and Maintenance of Sewerage Treatment Plant at edible oil molasses area
31 Technical Purchase of Electronic Equipment for Communications
32 Technical Purchase of Computer, Printer, Scanner etc for different department
33 Technical Procurement of Walky Talky Spares
33 Technical Purchase of GPS for Hydrograpy Department
34 Technical Purchase of Electric Water Cooler for PQA Offices
34 Technical Purchase of Air Raid Warning System
35 M&E Evaluation Report of Tender for Repair and Maintenance of Unloader Rail Track At IOCB, PQA. 
36 Technical Evaluation Report Of File Cover Thin Double Pasted 450/460 Grams & Voucher File (Tender Opened On 07-07-09) . 
37 (P&D) Appointment Of Consulting Firm For Project Of PQA Multi Storey Head Office Building. 
38 Technical  Evaluation Report Of 7.5 Tons Sinkers For Use In Navigational Channel.
39 Technical  Evaluation Of Navigational Aid Equipment.
40 Technical  Procurement of Llyods register of ship 2009-2010 in four (04) volumes plus on line services. Procurement of Llyods register of ship 2009-2010 in four (04) volumes plus on line services.
41 Technical  Evaluation Of Navigational Channel. Equipment.
42 Technical  Evaluation Of Passes For Commercial Vehicles..
43 Technical   Purchase of offset Paper A-4 size 75 grams
44 Technical   Installation Of Fixed Road Barriers & Construction Of Check Posts.
45 Technical   Recarpeting Of Shoulders And Repair Of Road Patches.
46 Technical   Running Maintenance Contract PQA Building 2009 To 2010.
47 Technical   Annual Repair & Maintenance of Toshiba Photocopier Machine.
48 Technical Purchase of  Toners for Stock 
49 Technical   Bid Evaluation Report For Supply, Installation Of Diesel Engine Driven Fire Pump At Service Jetty.
50 Technical   Bid Evaluation Report For Posting Of Contract Award Rs.50 Million..
51 Operations    Evaluation Report for Marine Consultancy Services.
52 Technical Technical Evaluation Report of PECNET


53 Technical   Evaluation Of Financial Proposals Channel Maintenance Dredging Work 2009-2010..


Vice Admiral M Asad Qureshi HI(M) has 35 years of meritorious service to his credit and carries rich and diverse professional experience of various appointments at sea and ashore. During his career with Pakistan Navy, the officer commanded various ships and fleet squadrons. His sea appointments include: Executive Officer of a Minesweeper and Commanding Officer of a Brooke Class Destroyer. He also held distinctive commands of Destroyer Squadron 25 and Destroyer Squadron 18. His assignments ashore include:  Director of Projects, Deputy Naval Secretary, Deputy Commandant Pakistan Navy War College and Chief Staff Officer to Commander Karachi. As a Lieutenant, Vice Admiral Asad had the distinction of being ADC to the President of Pakistan. His service abroad includes Head of Pakistan Mutual Cooperation Group in Sultanate of Oman. The Flag Officer has also served as Director General Maritime Security Agency, Director General (Operations) at Port Qasim and Commander Karachi and Chairman, Port Qasim Authority. Before reassuming  charge of Chairman, Port Qasim Authority on May 28, 2009, the  Officer also served as Director General (Ports & Shipping ), Karachi from Nov 08, 2007 to May 27, 2009.

As Director Projects (Navy), the officer had the distinction of supervising feasibility study for potential harbours along the coast of Pakistan and contributed significantly towards the construction of naval harbour at Ormara. In the capacity of Director General Maritime Security Agency, he made effective plans for the protection and utilization ofPakistan’s Exclusive Economic Zone. He also undertook the development of fisheries sector and pollution control at sea. Later as Director General (Operations) Port Qasim, the officer presented a paper on “Strategies for Development of Ports and Shipping Sector in Pakistan” at Maritime Workshop in South Korea and a paper on “Investment opportunities at Port Qasim” at the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Conference at Lahore. The officer has also been instrumental in implementing Night Navigation at Port Qasim which improved port performance and earnings.

Vice Admiral Asad Qureshi HI(M) has made significant contributions to the country’s maritime field. He supervised the preparation of draft `Pakistan Maritime Policy’ and `National Oil Spill Contingency Plan’ for Pakistan. The Flag Officer has delivered lectures at staff colleges on subjects of Coastal Geography and Exploitation and protection of Exclusive Economic Zone. The Flag Officer holds an MSc degree in War Studies from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad. He qualified Communications course from U.K, Electronic Warfare from Turkey and is a graduate of PN Staff College Karachi. He has also undergone War Course from National Defence College Islamabad.

Vice Admiral Muhammad Asad Qureshi HI(M) lives a blissful married life and is blessed with a son and two daughters.

Dear Overseas Pakistanis,


We have conducted a balloting on 28th November 2005, for allocation of plot nos. to those eligible Overseas Pakistanis, who were unfortunately left in the last balloting. PQA Board considering their genuineness, allocated additional 100 acres of land in the same vicinity of Eastern Industrial Zone and advised to accommodate them in the captioned scheme. The balloting has been conducted under the supervision of Senator Gulshan Saeed, Chairperson Senate Standing Committee on Ports & Shipping, Chairman PQA, Board Members, and Management of this Authority.

2. The list of successful overseas Pakistanis containing the allocated plot nos. is disseminated for vide publicity as Annexure-A (List).

3. The above overseas Pakistanis were earlier informed through letters individually to pay 50% of the Peripheral Development Charges, equivalent to Rs. 1,55,000/- by Demand Draft from the respective countries from where they have applied. Mostly, applicants have paid the requisite amount to PQA, but still some are left who have not paid the amount so far. Therefore, we request the said overseas Pakistanis to remit the payment at their earliest convenience.

4. Here, we are to state that some of the overseas Pakistanis were worried about the delay in allocation of plot nos. and the letters of allotment. Some of them have complained for inordinate delay of receiving the letters from this Authority. We therefore, feel necessary to clarify our position.

5. PQA appreciates the response of overseas Pakistanis, and consequently a precious 100 acres of land was made available for them, despite a pressing demand of other entrepreneurs. We have issued letters to the individuals on the available addresses, but the same were received late to them due to our old mailing system. Instances have been noticed that some overseas Pakistanis were shifted or away from their addresses and their envelops were received undelivered. We also, then sent the letters on their available addresses in Pakistan.

6. Dear Pakistanis, we will soon issue Provisional letters of Allotment, indicating therein the plot nos. and broad terms and conditions of allotment to the above mentioned individuals. The said letters will be mailed to you on both addresses of abroad and local.

7. Following issuance of Provisional allotment letters, you are required to pay the remaining 50% of Peripheral Development Charges amounting to Rs.1,55,000/- or equivalent in foreign currency, within 30 days of allotment.

8. We will keep you update and inform you the receipt of payments through this Web Site, however this may take some time subject to its confirmation from our Finance Division about clearance of Demand Draft/Pay Order.

9. We are to mention here that some overseas Pakistanis are worried about the development work of the subject scheme. PQA has initiated proceedings for appointment of consultant under supervision the development work will start very soon.

10. Here, we are to inform you that some of the overseas Pakistanis have applied through some brokers and estate agents and they are misguiding you about the management of PQA. Demand draft are being received through covering letters made locally and some body else are signing on behalf of the allottee overseas Pakistani without proper authority assigned to them. This practice has been viewed very seriously and appropriate action will be taken.

11. In conclusion, we appreciate the suggestions from overseas Pakistanis for a successful Al-Watan Industrial Scheme for overseas Pakistanis.

1. Vice Admiral (R) Asad Qureshi, HI(M) Chairman, PQA
2. Mr. Sher Mohmmad Baloch, MNA, Karachi Member
3. Mr. Anjum Nisar, Managing Director, M/s Anjum Asif (Pvt) Ltd. Member
4. Mr. Siraj Kassim Teli, Director Pakistan Beaverages Member
5. Mr. Farooq Rahimtoola, Director Rahimtoola Group of Companies Member
6. Mr. Muhammad A. Rajpur, MD, General Shipping Agencies Member
7. Mr. Farooq Hadi, Director, EPZA (Export Processing Zone Authority). Member