Pre-qualified Firms at Port Qasim

Sr. # Work Description
1 Dredging Work At Port Qasim
2 Tender Evaluation Report.
3 Pre-Qualified CHC’s.
4 Evaluation Report Of Pre-qualified Firms For Navigation Channel .
5 Evaluation Report Of Pre-qualified Firms For Navigation Channel .
6 Pre-Qualification Of Firms For Deepening And Widening Of Navigation Channel..
7 Information To Firms For Construction Of Sewerage Work Priority-II (In Vicinity Of LPG Area) IN..
8 Pre-Qualified Firms for Supply, Installation of Additional Close Circuit Television System at Port Qasim

Port Qasim offers an ideal location for development of recreation and tourism facilities to attract tourists from Pakistan and abroad.

The Government of Pakistan has exalted the Hotel and tourism facilities to an industry level and has offered all incentives and concessions presently available to other industries.

Port Qasim is also committed to the ideals of preserving and improving land and sea environment to its original standing under its jurisdiction.

Location For Recreational Complexes

Islands accessible from the Port complex offer immense potential to be developed as recreational site. As a habitat for wild marine FLORA and FAUNA, they posses great attraction for nature lovers. Interested parties may approach with feasibility study for further interaction/consultation for further information.

Advantages as Recreation /Tourist spot 

Port Qasim offers tremendous scope and an edge to be developed into a recreation/tourist spot. Some of the advantages are as under:

  • Close proximity to the Karachi city and international airport 
  • Port Qasim owns 5000 hectares of  land above high water mark and contours of 64000 hectares of water area 
  • Unique Creek system with lush mangroves among the richest in the world
  • Serene and tranquil water suitable for water sports
  • Mild climate the year around 
  • Islands with archeological spots

As you wait for your cargo to clear at the port, you can play games at using your mobile phone.
Port Qasim Authority (PQA) creates history by berthing the largest ever vessel ‘CMA CGM DEBUSSY’ overall length 300.25, beam 40.3m and having capacity of 6600 TEUs of CMA CGM GROUP to call at Qasim International Container Terminal (QICT) at Port Qasim on 10th December 2008. This is a historic event for the shipping industry of Pakistan and would be very beneficial for the enhancement of trade and commerce in the country. By increasing the parameters for handling third generation vessels, Port Qasim has now paved way for all Shipping Companies to induct larger vessels of 300 meters plus LOA to cater for their ever increasing volumes and would eliminate the need for the Shipping Lines to transship their excess cargoes at other transshipment ports resulting in substantial savings in terms of transshipment cost as previously Pakistani Ports could not handle vessels of LOA more than 300 meters. A special mention needs to be given for the management of Port Qasim Authority under the able and dynamic leadership of their present Chairman Mir Afsar Din Talpur who made this historic event possible

harborPort Qasim is by objectives, design, scope, resources, location and layout an integrated port offering following functions :

  • Handling of sea-borne trade (Imports & Exports)

  • Warehouse facilities.

  • Provision of land and infrastructure facilities for establishment of port based industrial and commercial units.

mapPort Qasim has been developed on the coast line of Arabian Sea where once the sand dunes of Bin Qasim desert could be seen. The port is located at 24 degree and 46 second north and 67 degree 21 second east. The tidal variation at the mouth as well as in the port is between 0.5 to 3.5m. The port is not only accessible through sea but is also well connected with the hinterland, through road and railway networks

Expression of Interest are invited from international and national firms and consortia for the following projects on BOT basis:


  1. Establishment of Clinker / Cement Terminal.
  2. Establishment of Marine Workshop and Dry Dock facilities.

iii.     Construction of 2nd Carriage-way and upgradation of existing main access road.


  1. Interested firms may express interest in one or all projects separately for each project in envelopes marked accordingly.


  1. The information / documents to be submitted shall include:


  1. Profile of company and associates showing financial capability of firm(s) / consortia, annual turn over, financial management, technical capability, available human resources, organization, present business activities, type of registration (memoranda of association, deeds) and experience of similar type of project, if any.


  1. Details of credibility / capability to undertake this type of work.


  1. Suggested marketing plan and strategy.


  1. Vision for making the project viable and its planning, construction, commissioning and managing the project(s). If you’re doing business in Pakistan, you can be sure your goods will transit safely through the port. You can play slots online as you wait for documentation for your goods to be processed.


  1. Brief methodology for financing proposed funding arrangements to be lined up for undertaking the project, both local and foreign financing.


  1. Undertaking regarding black listing / default litigation of the firms, if any.


  1. Submission of above shall enable short listing / pre-qualification of firms who shall be invited by issuing proper guidelines prepared by Consultants for submission of detailed technical and financial proposals on BOT basis.


  1. Evaluation of the Expression of Interest shall be carried out on weightage basis rationally as indicated in the pre-qualification document which may be down loaded from PQA web site or copy obtained from the office of Deputy General Manager (P&D). As such all pertinent information complete in all respects with documentary evidence listed above must be furnished for securing minimum passing marks. It may be noted that firms black listed in departments and / or in litigation shall not be considered.



  1. Submission shall be received until 10th August , 2005. Further details may be obtained from Deputy General Manager, (Planning and Development Department), Port Qasim Authority, Bin Qasim, Karachi, Pakistan.

         Phones: (9221) 9204211-20 lines Ext. 4264, direct 9204246 Fax (9221) 4730108


  1. Authority reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids / offers without assigning any reason thereof and no claim of whatsoever nature in this regard shall be entertained.



Comparative Port Performance



Wheat (Imp) 16120  49996
Edible Oil 86014 194360  162147
 Coal      –
 Sugar 72240 57683 40000
Chemicals 9491 10325 13697
 Seeds/Pulses 100201 111093

 Carbon Oil  

 Rice  (Export) 5554
 Others           67404 38008 64996


241655 416697 391933
 Furnace Oil 425428 304627 178571
 Diesel Oil 298661 348205 304228
 Crude Oil (imp) 67567 66101 61408


791656 718933 544207
 Chemicals 83723 62956 68268
 LPG 4534 3727


88257 62926 71995
 Paksteel Imports of Iron Ore & Coal 148785 129229
Total Imports 1200029 1299563 1008135
Total Exports 72958 38008


1272987 1337571 1008135
 Imports (Teus) 26769 27237 24347
 Exports (Teus) 29050 28271 23223


55819 55508 47570
Grand Total (Imports) 1655102 1762592 1422034
 Grand Total (Exports) 566808 518615 394791
 GRAND TOTAL (Incl. of  Containerized cargo) 2221910 2281207 1816825

M/s Progas and KUB Malaysia Berhad won the bid to construct a 305 MW Power Project at Port Qasim.
The present government had invited investors to establish power projects in Pakistan on a fast track basis. According to Private Power & Infrastructure Board (PPIB), out of twelve bids, three bids of Progas Energy, Cavalier Energy and Ruba Energy of Pakistan were approved for construction of three independent power projects with total power generating capacity of 929.06 MW

Development Projects

To meet growing shipping requirements and to enhance port capacity, PQA has embarked on a number of development projects. Some of the worth mentioning are as under:

FWQ – Liquid Cargo Terminal

A dedicated Liquid Cargo Terminal at a cost of US$ 11.4 million with a designed capacity of 4 million tonnes per annum is being developed at the port. The Terminal spread over an area of 16532 sq. meters and will be capable to accommodate 35000 dwt vessels.  So far 90 % construction work has been completed.  The project is scheduled to be completed by October  2008.

QICT-  2nd Container Terminal

To handle increased volume of container traffic, 2nd Container Terminal at a cost of US$ 250 million with handling capacity of 1.175 million TEUs is planned by Dubai Port World on BOT basis at an estimated cost of US$ 250 million. Implementation Agreement signed with DP World on 17th Aug. 2006 The Terminal spread over an area of 250,000 sq. meters would be able to accommodate 6000 TEUs Container vessels. NOCs from various agencies have already been obtained.     Soil investigation has already been completed. EPC contracts are being signed and 65% retention bund has been completed. Construction work has already been started. The project is likely to be completed by October 2010.

Establishment of Grain & Fertilizer Terminal

Implementation Agreement for establishment of Grain and Fertilizer Terminal with handling capacity of four million tonnes, on BOT basis, was signed on 3rd Sep. 2007 with Fauji Akbar Portia Marine Terminal (Pvt) Limited, a consortium of Fauji Foundation, Akbar Group and Portia Management Services, United Kingdom. The Terminal would be able to accommodate  75000 dwt vessels. Estimated cost of the project is US$ 100 million. NOCs from various agencies obtained. EPC contracts signed. FAP achieved the date of Effectiveness. The project is likely to be completed by August 201

Establishment of LNG Floating Terminal by M/s Pakistan GasPort Limited

Implementation Agreement for establishment of LNG Floating Terminal on BOT basis by M/s Pakistan GasPort was signed on April 28, 2007. The terminal with handling capacity of 3 million tonnes per annum shall be completed at a cost of US$ 160 million. The Terminal will be able to accommodate vessels of 75000 dwt vessels. Detailed geo-referencing, bathymetric and geophysical surveys completed. Detailed design of jetty and dredging work under evaluation. Re-gas platform work awarded. The project is likely to be completed by October 2010.

Coal, Clinker/Cement Terminal

A dedicated  Coal, Clinker/Cement Terminal with handling capacity of 4 million tonnes per annum is planned to be developed on BOT basis at a cost of US$ 150 million . The terminal will be equipped to handled 75000 dwt vessels. Technical and Financial proposals have already been evaluated. The same are  being forwarded to ECC/CCOI for award of project to the successful bidder. Project execution period is 24 months after achieving date of effectiveness.

Establishment of LNG Floating Terminal by M/s Granada Group

A specialized LNG Floating Terminal with annual handling capacity of 3.5 million tonnes at an estimated cost of US$ 274 million is planned to be set at the port on BOT basis by M/s Granada Group of Companies. Technical and financial proposals are under evaluation. The sponsors presented the status of the project and future plan. Project execution will be approximately 24 months after achieving date of effectiveness.

Establishment of 2nd Oil Jetty

To handle crude oil and finished products of proposed Indus Oil Refinery, 2nd Oil Jetty with handling capacity of 9 million tonnes at an estimated cost of US$ 20 million is planned to be set up at the Port. The jetty shall be capable to accommodate vessels of 75000 dwt vessels. FOTCO have appointed M/s Techno Consultants and Royal Haskoning of UK who are finalizing Technical and Financial proposals. FOTCO have submitted revised cost estimates which are being evaluated.Project execution will be approximately 24 months after achieving date of effectiveness.

Establishment of 2nd IOCB

On the request of Pakistan Steel Mills, 2nd IOCB has been planned at the port , on BOT basis, with handling capacity of 8 million tonnes per annum at a cost of US$ 100 million. The berth shall be capable to accommodate vessels of 75000 dwt class vessels. Implementation of the project shall synchronize with expansion of Pakistan Steel Mills.

Computerization at Port Qasim 

To keep pace with technological advances of the modem era and to improve efficiency of its services, PQA has embarked on a comprehensive plan for computerization of its services. Currently Personnel, Payroll, Cargo Throughput and Store Inventory systems have been computerized, whereas, work on Financial Accounting and Land Management systems are in final stages. PQA also plans networking at the port.

Deepening and Widening  of Navigational Channel

To facilitate trade and to accommodate larger ships, PQA plans Deepening & Widening of the Navigation Channel at a cost of  Rs. 5367 million. The PC-1 has already been submitted.  The project is to be completed within time span of two years.

Textile City

As approved by the GOP, a special EPZ for Textile City is to be established in Eastern Zone of PQA. PQA has already allotted 700 acres of land and possession handed over on January 19, 2005. The Te1xtile City will provide all infrastructure facilities necessary for optimal operations of textile companies. Project cost is expected Rs. 3.6 billion excluding Power Plant & Waste Water Treatment Plant which would cost Rs. 5.1 billion.


Some of the major projects (planned 2006-2010) that will contribute significantly to national economy are:

The Diamond Bar Island City (M/s EMAAR)

Textile City (M/s PTCL)

World Trade Centre (M/s Expo City Limited)

Desalination Plants(M/s California Enviro-Mgt Inc. USA)

Industrial Park

Downstream Steel Units (M/s South Asia Steel Works)

Oil Refinery (M/s Noor Financial Investment Co., Kuwait)

Coal Power Project (M/s Metal Investment Holding Corporation)


Industrial Zone  at Port Qasim

Description NWIZ     EIZ   SWIZ     Total
Total Area 2920 8300 1000 12220
Reserved for Services  and utilities 904 2490 125.5 3519.5
Area for  Allotment 2016 5810 874.5 8700.5



NWIZ         North Western Industrial Zone

EIZ            Eastern Industrial Zone

SWIZ         South Western Industrial Zone



Note : All Land in various Zones of PQA has been allotted to potential investors.


Textile City

Port Qasim is unique in character by having 12200 acres of land above high water mark for
development of industries / commercial complexes. Out of 12200 acres of land 8700.5 acres was available for allotment. Almost all  land has been allotted to various entrepreneur and a reasonable number of them have set up projects in the Industrial Zone, attracting huge investment in local and foreign exchange estimated to the tune of  around  3.0 billion USD.  So far 95 units are operational while 85 are in construction phase.

To enhance production and export of value added textile products, GOP plans setting up a“Textile City” on 1250 acres in the Eastern Industrial Zone of PQA. PQA has handed over possession of 700 acres of land to Pakistan Textile City Ltd. (PTCL) on Jan. 19, 2005. Balance 550 acres of land shall be allotted in 2nd phase. The cost of project is estimated around Rs. 3.6 billion excluding Power Plant and Waste Water Treatment which would additionally cost Rs. 5.1 billion.  This would not only facilitate vendors and suppliers of raw material and emergence of downstream and support industries but would also create immense employment opportunities as a result, during construction and operation phases besides earning valuable foreign exchange for the country.