Dear Overseas Pakistanis,


We have conducted a balloting on 28th November 2005, for allocation of plot nos. to those eligible Overseas Pakistanis, who were unfortunately left in the last balloting. PQA Board considering their genuineness, allocated additional 100 acres of land in the same vicinity of Eastern Industrial Zone and advised to accommodate them in the captioned scheme. The balloting has been conducted under the supervision of Senator Gulshan Saeed, Chairperson Senate Standing Committee on Ports & Shipping, Chairman PQA, Board Members, and Management of this Authority.

2. The list of successful overseas Pakistanis containing the allocated plot nos. is disseminated for vide publicity as Annexure-A (List).

3. The above overseas Pakistanis were earlier informed through letters individually to pay 50% of the Peripheral Development Charges, equivalent to Rs. 1,55,000/- by Demand Draft from the respective countries from where they have applied. Mostly, applicants have paid the requisite amount to PQA, but still some are left who have not paid the amount so far. Therefore, we request the said overseas Pakistanis to remit the payment at their earliest convenience.

4. Here, we are to state that some of the overseas Pakistanis were worried about the delay in allocation of plot nos. and the letters of allotment. Some of them have complained for inordinate delay of receiving the letters from this Authority. We therefore, feel necessary to clarify our position.

5. PQA appreciates the response of overseas Pakistanis, and consequently a precious 100 acres of land was made available for them, despite a pressing demand of other entrepreneurs. We have issued letters to the individuals on the available addresses, but the same were received late to them due to our old mailing system. Instances have been noticed that some overseas Pakistanis were shifted or away from their addresses and their envelops were received undelivered. We also, then sent the letters on their available addresses in Pakistan.

6. Dear Pakistanis, we will soon issue Provisional letters of Allotment, indicating therein the plot nos. and broad terms and conditions of allotment to the above mentioned individuals. The said letters will be mailed to you on both addresses of abroad and local.

7. Following issuance of Provisional allotment letters, you are required to pay the remaining 50% of Peripheral Development Charges amounting to Rs.1,55,000/- or equivalent in foreign currency, within 30 days of allotment.

8. We will keep you update and inform you the receipt of payments through this Web Site, however this may take some time subject to its confirmation from our Finance Division about clearance of Demand Draft/Pay Order.

9. We are to mention here that some overseas Pakistanis are worried about the development work of the subject scheme. PQA has initiated proceedings for appointment of consultant under supervision the development work will start very soon.

10. Here, we are to inform you that some of the overseas Pakistanis have applied through some brokers and estate agents and they are misguiding you about the management of PQA. Demand draft are being received through covering letters made locally and some body else are signing on behalf of the allottee overseas Pakistani without proper authority assigned to them. This practice has been viewed very seriously and appropriate action will be taken.

11. In conclusion, we appreciate the suggestions from overseas Pakistanis for a successful Al-Watan Industrial Scheme for overseas Pakistanis.

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