Industrial Zone  at Port Qasim

Description NWIZ     EIZ   SWIZ     Total
Total Area 2920 8300 1000 12220
Reserved for Services  and utilities 904 2490 125.5 3519.5
Area for  Allotment 2016 5810 874.5 8700.5



NWIZ         North Western Industrial Zone

EIZ            Eastern Industrial Zone

SWIZ         South Western Industrial Zone



Note : All Land in various Zones of PQA has been allotted to potential investors.


Textile City

Port Qasim is unique in character by having 12200 acres of land above high water mark for
development of industries / commercial complexes. Out of 12200 acres of land 8700.5 acres was available for allotment. Almost all  land has been allotted to various entrepreneur and a reasonable number of them have set up projects in the Industrial Zone, attracting huge investment in local and foreign exchange estimated to the tune of  around  3.0 billion USD.  So far 95 units are operational while 85 are in construction phase.

To enhance production and export of value added textile products, GOP plans setting up a“Textile City” on 1250 acres in the Eastern Industrial Zone of PQA. PQA has handed over possession of 700 acres of land to Pakistan Textile City Ltd. (PTCL) on Jan. 19, 2005. Balance 550 acres of land shall be allotted in 2nd phase. The cost of project is estimated around Rs. 3.6 billion excluding Power Plant and Waste Water Treatment which would additionally cost Rs. 5.1 billion.  This would not only facilitate vendors and suppliers of raw material and emergence of downstream and support industries but would also create immense employment opportunities as a result, during construction and operation phases besides earning valuable foreign exchange for the country.

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