This is with reference to the advertisements for construction and supply of a 6000 Cubic Meter Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger, which appeared in National Dailies of Pakistan on 06.06.2002 and reproduced below.
“The Port Qasim Authority (PQA) intends to pre-qualify 
shipyards / firms having experience in construction and supply of Trailing Hopper Suction Dredger
 for Port Qasim near Karachi (hereinafter called the project).

The salient features of the Trailing Hopper Suction Dredger are as under: General arrangements of Engine and Machinery may vary.

1. Hopper Capacity

2. Length overall             

3. Breadth                     

4. Depth                       

5. Speed loaded

6. Main propulsion 

7. Dredging Depth 

8. Aux generators 

9. Dredge Pumps 

10. Bow Thrust 

11. Jet Pump Power 

12. Diameter Suction pipes/ dia 

13. Accommodation 

14. Discharge 

6000 cum (Approximate)

110 meters (Approximate)

20 meters (Approximate)

8.5 meters (Approximate)

14 knots in tropical waters

2 x Diesel Engines

20 meters


2 x 2000 K.W. (Approximate)

2 x 600 K.W (Approximate)

2 x 700 K.W

2 / 1000 mm. (Approximate)

40 persons or less as required. 

Bottom Doors/Valves and discharge pipe.

Interested eligible parties may obtain further information and inspect the prequalification documents at the office of the Port Qasim Authority, Karachi, 75020, Pakistan, Fax No. 0201-730108.A complete set of pre-qualification documents may be purchased by any interested applicant on the submission of a written application to the above address and upon payment of a non-refundable fee Pak Rs. 10,000/-. Requests submitted by mail should include a certified cheque of the amount indicated above in favour of the Port Qasim Authority.

The Port Qasim Authority will promptly dispatch the documents by air courier service, but under no circumstances can it be held responsible for late delivery or loss of the documents so mailed to the applicants.”

PQA again invites local and international shipyards / firms having experience in construction and supply of Dredgers to pre-qualify for the subject project. The pre-qualification documents and information forms shall be submitted in eight (8) copies, duly completed to Port Qasim Authority Karachi 75020, Pakistan, where they must be received on or before 22nd February 2003 on payment of non-refundable fee of Rs.10,000/= 
(Ten thousand rupees only). The text of pre-qualification documents can be obtained from PQA web site or may be purchased from PQA on payment of Rs. 10,000/= (Ten thousand rupees only) non refundable fee.

Port Qasim Authority reserves the right not to act or process pre-qualification documents submitted after this date. Parties who have already applied may submit fresh documents without any fee or may intimate that documents already furnished are still valid.

Additional information will be furnished upon request. Please address all communications to:-

The Chairman,
Port Qasim Authority
Karachi – 75020, Pakistan
Fax No. 0201 – 730108 
Telephone No. 9204271 & 9204211 (20 Lines).

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