Port Qasim offers an ideal location for development of recreation and tourism facilities to attract tourists from Pakistan and abroad.

The Government of Pakistan has exalted the Hotel and tourism facilities to an industry level and has offered all incentives and concessions presently available to other industries.

Port Qasim is also committed to the ideals of preserving and improving land and sea environment to its original standing under its jurisdiction.

Location For Recreational Complexes

Islands accessible from the Port complex offer immense potential to be developed as recreational site. As a habitat for wild marine FLORA and FAUNA, they posses great attraction for nature lovers. Interested parties may approach with feasibility study for further interaction/consultation for further information.

Advantages as Recreation /Tourist spot 

Port Qasim offers tremendous scope and an edge to be developed into a recreation/tourist spot. Some of the advantages are as under:

  • Close proximity to the Karachi city and international airport 
  • Port Qasim owns 5000 hectares of  land above high water mark and contours of 64000 hectares of water area 
  • Unique Creek system with lush mangroves among the richest in the world
  • Serene and tranquil water suitable for water sports
  • Mild climate the year around 
  • Islands with archeological spots

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